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Storytelling session At #impACT, By Abrar Ul Hassan.

Morango’s Founder and Creative Head, Abrar ul Hassan, was invited at #impACT where he got a chance to share the platform with Dr. Faiz Shah, (Director Yunus Center) at AIT. With the extensive experience as an entrepreneur, Abrar ul Hassan conducted a session where he taught entrepreneurs, the art of pitching their ideas in one minute.

Award Presented By “Abrar Ul Hassan” At Agahi Awards.

On the mission of providing the public with a trust-able and authenticated journalism network, known as Citizen Journalism Network, the founder, Abrar ul Hassan, was invited to the Agahi Awards, aiming to Shape the future of Journalism. In this run to safeguard the future of ethical journalism, Agahi awards honored him to present the award of …